Appium Integration

Stere contains Fields designed specifically for when Appium is connected. Each implements a specific performer method.



class stere.fields.Button

Convenience Class on top of Field, it implements click() as its performer.

Use Appium’s click method.


>>> purchase = Button('id', 'buy_button')


class stere.fields.Input

A simple wrapper over Field, it implements send_keys() as its performer.

The default_value argument can be provided, which will be used if send_keys() is called with no arguments.

self.quantity = Dropdown('id', 'qty', default_value='555')

Use Appium’s fill method.

Parameters:value (str) – The text to enter into the input.


>>> first_name = Input('id', 'fillme')
>>> first_name.send_keys('Joseph')

Fills the element with value.

Locator Strategies

These represent the way a locator will be searched for.

By default, the strategies available are:

  • accessibility_id
  • android_uiautomator
  • ios_class_chain
  • ios_predicate
  • ios_uiautomation

These strategies can be overridden with a custom strategy (ie: You can create a custom accessibility_id strategy with different behaviour).